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Pajodex's Scripting and Hosting Services

Available Services

  • Scripting
  • Hosting
  • GeneralConfigs


About My Services

Here are my Pre-made scripts and Prices.. Check them out! Click Here

NOTE: Scripting Service is not available for now. I have some personal things going on and I need to settle everything. It may take a while until further notice. For Hosting services, directly PM us thru Facebook. Thank you.
PS: I might accept small - moderate script requests

[SLIGHTLY AVAILABLE] == About My Scripting Services ==

I am willing to make any script of your request. Just be creative and I'll do my part as your scripter ( as long as it is do-able in scripting side ). I can do from simple event scripts to complex instances / battleground / pvp scripts.. Make sure you'll give me all of the information about the script before I start making it. Any information added after I clarify all the things you said will be considered as modifications and may or may not have additional charges ( depending on the complexity ). I may also ask for some clarifications while I'm making the script, so, you may need to attend to my queries as soon as possible ( the sooner = the faster it'll be finish ). I will only send you some videos on how your current script is working before you send me the payment then I'll send you the script.

For servers with heavy modified server files, please inform me ahead on what modifications made and so on.. to make sure my script will be compatible with your server files.

I give 100% free support on all of my paid script as long as it is verified by both of us.

I pretty much do anything related and do-able with scripting.. if you have any more questions, feel free to DM me here or in discord. ( I personally prefer discord since I'm almost always available there )

discord id : pajodex#1328

== Pricing ==

Price starts at $5 on simple scripting service... It may increase depending on the complexity of your request. We must negotiate about pricing before I start your request.

== TOS on scripting services ==

  1. Don't claim my work as yours, I retain the rights of my scripts
  2. No resale or redistribution of my work
  3. No refunds once you have accepted the script without any bug reports within 24 hours
  4. Free maintenance of the script as long as it is verified by both of us ( only script related problem )
  5. ToS can be changed any time without any notices.

== My Works and Releases ==



[AVAILABLE] == About My Hosting Services ==

Hi, I'd love to introduce to you my new offered hosting service. I am offering a hosting solution for people who'd like to open their own private server.

You may check the website at :

Prices starts at 15$ for US-hosted servers and 20$ for Asia-hosted servers

Specifications are as follows :

  • ***50GB SSD Disk***
  • ***2 TB of Data transfer***
  • ***2 GB Ram / 1 CPU***

Check-out the website for more services offered. Thank you!

== Contact Me ==

discord id : pajodex#1328

hostragna facebook




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  • 5
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One of the best scripter! He fixed all of my bugged scripts and made it all work! I even asked to convert hercules BG script to rAthena and it worked!

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  • 5
   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Incredible service! The speed of work and price range doesnt even seem possible for the quality given. Highly recommended and i will continue to go to him for my scripting needs. Thank you Pajo, i am truly amazed. 

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  • 5
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Pajodex is a hidden gem among the scripters. He's affordable, easily approachable and highly competent.

Not only did he add each of the requested modifications to my script, he also re-wrote the entire code, slimming it down and optimizing it tremendously, all in under 24 hours. On top of that he provided super-b support and swiftly fixed any bugs I came across.

10/10 - Definitely recommend! 🙂 

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  • 5
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Simply the best scripter, better than anyone I've ever meet.  Thank you for your honesty, commitment and loyalty. You are an outstanding professional and an extraordinary person.
All my problems and hard requests solved with his service.

+1 👍

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  • 5
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This dude is fast and efficient! Even I got some problem with the script after 1 week he still help me volunteering. 


5 stars! 

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  • 5
   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

lets talk about pajodex.
he have a super basic skill,but not basic skill.
the service are good and nice.
after paid ,if still have error or change ,he will do a follow up.
i find him good and kind,easy to understand what i need.
i get alots of script from him.
and the cost of script not to high,acceptable.
thanks you pajodex.

10/10 for me.


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