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Ninja Services! //Scripting and Server Setup

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Hi! I'm Ninja! Formerly known as Jezznar/Jezztify! I have been around Ragnarok Online Server Emulation since eAthena era and have been on and off scripting for quite a long time now. I have a few of my works around and I try my best to help people in the Scripting support section. I also try to help people to setup their server.
Although I have minimal experience in source modification, I try my best to help people and contribute to the rAthena git issues.

1. Scripting Services
* Create custom NPCs/Events
* Repair broken NPCs/Events
* Modify NPCs/Events
2. Server/Client Setup
* Setup server with any flavor

My works starts from as low as $10 and can even be free if it's a very easy thing to do. The variation in prices kicks in depending on how complex is the requested script.
Part of my income will be going to the rAthena donation to help in maintenance costs.

1. Client requests a service and provides requirements
2. We discuss the details and clear out requirements and how to implement it
3. I give my price proposal and set a deadline
4. We agree on this proposal/discuss about this proposal
5. I work on the service and provide the client with evidence that I have finished it
6. Client sends me the payment
7. For scripting services only: I send the script to the client and provide how to install it
8. For scripting services only: I provide maintenance of my client's scripts for free

Terms of Services
1. I will retain all the rights in all the scripts that I create
2. Client cannot redistribute nor resell the scripts that I provide
3. No refunds
4. Maintenance of scripts does not include modification of the original intended behavior. If the script has been broken due to prior modification of the original behavior then it would mean a new service request
5. Modification of the original intended behavior would mean a new service request and would go through the process mentioned above
6. I have the right to post all my free services to the release section and make it available for everybody to use
7. Maintenance of scripts will be provide free of charge
8. I will not keep any sensitive information from your server nor any credentials that you lend me
9. I assume that the client will accept all the terms of services

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Reliable Developer nuf said.

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Ninja is AWESOME. Very professional, very knowledgeable. Please choose Ninja for all your scripting needs!

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