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I'm Semi-Available for Script Requests during Weekend ...


Information :

I’ve been involved in Ragnarok Online for a quite a while. I’ve gained experience in the scripting and making various customizations script. 

I am willing to offer my complete services to paying customers. I have no restrictions on the extent of services, however my services do fall under the following categories only:

  • Any NPC Scripts
  • NPC Quests / Exchanger
  • Utilities NPC
  • Custom Event
  • Custom Battleground
  • Custom Instance ( Hercules )
  • etc

Different projects will require different specifications. When requesting a custom service, it’s recommended that those interested should provide a fully detailed explanation of the project. The length of time it will take to complete a service are dependant on the complexity of the project and the response time to queries.

However, I can focus a lot of my time on working on the services so most the projects should be completed within a matter of days.



Work Samples  :

Sample of my works can also found within this forum.

Example :  All Paid & Free Scripts  && E-Script Collection && Youtube Channel


Premade Script  :

Some of the script that I currently release for purchase. Feel free to contact me in case you're interested with any of it.

Premade Script - Google Doc



Pricing  :

The prices of the projects requested depend entirely upon the size of the project and the complexity. For a basic outline of potential prices (used as a starting base) see the below list:

  • Basic NPCs ( Free ~ $3.00+ )
  • SQL related NPC ( $3.00 ~ $8.00+ )
  • Custom Battleground ( $8.00 ~ $15.00+ )
  • Custom Instance ( $8.00 ~ $20.00+ )
  • etc,
  • * You may as well offer me a price that you can afford with.

As mentioned, the prices are completely variant as different projects will have different requirements.

For the time being, I only accept PayPal payments and Local Bank Transfer. Primarily because my account has a premier business status which means I’m a trusted PayPal user, and my funds are protected.



  • Support and help for the service I provided for as long as is deemed necessary.
  • No payment requirement up-front (before work is started), however payment is required after transfer of the files/modifications.
  • Both .diff/.patch files and full source/script files where applicable for merging GIT and for directly pasting edits.


Agreement :

By contacting me for a services, you’re agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions.

  • I do not give refunds without valid reasons! But, I might offer free services as return.
  • If any NPCs doesn’t work for any reason. I will provide full free support for that NPCs.
  • Prices are negotiable unless stated otherwise.
  • I may not work on any other request from you, if you haven't or failed to clear all the payment for previous works.
  • All terms and conditions may be subject to change.
  • I reserved all right for my works which include resell, republish and etc.
  • The resale or sharing of my works are not permitted under any circumstance without my permission.
  • If you by any chances, try to release my work without my permission, I will terminate my supports for you. thank you.


Contact :


If you would like a consultation about the above service, please PM me regarding that as well.

Thank you in advance. ♥

  • The resale or sharing of my works are not permitted under any circumstance without my permission.

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Haruka Mayumi

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Emistry scripts are very reliable,. they are easy to setup, The scripts produces your expectation.. As expected from one of the best scripters in rathena =)

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· Edited by rye305

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

bla bla bla.

Edit: 1 day before the new year starts emistry took his time to sell me one of his scripts. fast & reliable. scripts are easy to understand and well-written:)


recommended !

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I recommend this guy! 100%

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