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Blade Control Panel for rAthena

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Greetings everyone,

Today I'm introducing a project that I've been envisioning and working on for a couple of months, a control panel developed using Laravel (currently v5.8) that has quite a few advanced features that no other panel has offered before.

Blade Control Panel

Bootstrap Responsive Design

The panel by default will come with one bootstrap-based responsive design that is elegant, light coloured and adjusts to screens of all sizes. The panel is also capable of supporting custom themes.




Master Account System

Create and manage all your game accounts in any server from one main web-account.




Passwords of the master accounts are hashed using bcrypt to ensure safety for all registered users.


Adapted from @KeyWorld's ROChargen, a library in php that extracts images from sprites and uses resources inside data folders (and not grf files). With the help of this library images of headgears, skill icons, illustrations, item images, monsters and mini maps are can be generated and displayed on web pages.

Complete Database Libraries

Using a library with conversions of information in the client folder, the website incorporates in-game information such as skill and item descriptions, quest information and much more.

Character Overview

The character overview page is an important part of a user's experience. With the features mentioned above, we're able to display alot of information about one's in-game characters on the fly.




User Profiles

Additionally, something that's never been seen before in RO CMS or Panels are public user profiles. The ability of a user to view another user's in-game information through the control panel.



Customisable Email Templates




Administration Section




Live Demo

The demo for this site is live and available at -

ID: [email protected]

Pass: abcdef




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Such a nice person to talked to. Waiting for your upcoming project. Cheers bro & Thanks @Smoke

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