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Alayne's Scrip Service - Back to Business

Available Services

  • Scripting

About My Services

Hello to you, dear members of Rathena!
After a long time off, I'm back to scripting paid service business!


Terms of Services

1. Don't sell or distribute my work without my acknowledgment
2. I'm still the owner of the scripts, thought you'll be owner if the idea (if it's one of yours)
3. Maintenance of scripts will be free, as long as it's one of mine you've previously bought.
4. As this is not my "real" work (meaning I also have some work to do in real life), I may not be able to deliver as fast as you want. But in general, a basic script can be delivered within the day next to the asking. The more complex the script is, the longer it'll take me to release it. No need to come back to send me a pm each day, you'll be delivered as soon as possible.
5. I'm the only one to decide if I want / can make the script you're asking for. This include: personal incapability to it (time or skills) and personal issue with you (for instance, no payment for a previously made script)
6. Editing a script I made, or correcting a script someone else made, will be considered as a completely new project. Therefor, the "no paying edit" won't be taken into account


As a french guy, my prices are based over euros. I only accept Paypal payments.

Price will entirely depends on the time I'd spent on a release (when I say time spent, I mean it. I won't charge you for three full day work if I worked only for 2 hours on the npc before the release). Therefor, the price I'm going to give are purely samples and may change completely according to the script difficulty.

  • Really Simple NPC (starting at ~3€ - ~3$)
  • Basic NPC (including simple SQL one's) (starting at ~5€ - ~6$)
  • Complex NPC (including heavy SQL one's) (starting at ~8€ - ~9$)
  • Complete Quests (starting at ~10€ - ~11$)
  • Custom Battleground / Instances (starting at ~10€ - ~11$)
  • Complete System (starting at ~12€ - ~14$)

Remember that all pricing may evolve according to the general complexity of the release. Also, price can be negociated (don't come to me with a "for the honour" pricing please...)


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