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    JeRO Server
    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    40000x 40000x 40000x 40000x 40000x 40000x 40000x 40000.00x
    Visit the website: https://jero.rocks



    Renewal Server - High Rate.

    • Server location - Singapore. Good connectivity throughout asia.
    • Base/jobs/drop/mvp/cards - 40000x.
    • Customised items and mvp monsters.
    • Daily Rewards.
    • WOE available on Wed, Fri and Sat.
    • Customise Events.
    • Customised Set Gears: total of 5 power and unique equipments for all classes.
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    • 5

    Server for Super Noobs. But still, its fun to literally kill a poring and get its mvp card in an instant 100% of a time

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    · Edited by Huggies

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    High drop rates! No monopolize usage of MVP cards. MVP cards are for everybody.

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