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    High Rate: Pre-Renewal
    Language: English, Spanish
    Base EXP:3000x
    Job EXP:3000x
    Quest EXP:3000x
    Basic Drop:6000x
    Equips Drop:4000x
    Cards Drop:500x
    MVP Equips Drop:4000x
    MVP Cards Drop:300.00x
    Low Rate: Pre-Renewal
    Language: English
    Base EXP:10x
    Job EXP:10x
    Quest EXP:1x
    Basic Drop:7x
    Equips Drop:7x
    Cards Drop:3x
    MVP Equips Drop:1x
    MVP Cards Drop:1.00x

    Mid Rate: Pre-Renewal
    Language: English
    Base EXP:100x
    Job EXP:100x
    Quest EXP:100x
    Basic Drop:10x
    Equips Drop:10x
    Cards Drop:10x
    MVP Equips Drop:10x
    MVP Cards Drop:4.00x
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