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    Division RO

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    66x 66x 66x 10x 125x 1250x 125x 625.00x

    Lots of fixes and changes in the last week!


         A dark curse has fallen on the world of Ragnarok. Strong beasts and villains have started invading the population centers at night and world travel has become dangerous. Even the Royal Criatura Academy has been attacked, forcing relocation. The cities are helpless and the need for adventurers has never been more dire.
         You have heard about the problems from your small village and have decided to do your part to fight this new threat. But your transport ship has wreaked near the coast of Rune Midgarts, leaving you stranded. Can you escape the island and make it to the mainland? Can you bring safety back to the common people?
    Find out on Division RO!


         Division RO is a (mid rate) Renewal-esque Private Ragnarok Online server for testing and educational purposes. It was fan translated from the Korean version and falls between Episode 16 & 17. The focus is on accessible 3rd Jobs, good PvE, and economic stability.
         I try to keep the core kRO mechanics intact... while also mixing in some jRO mechanics and causal elements often expected of mid rate servers. Division RO is tuned to play more like an old SNES or DOS RPG than a Korean MMORPG, leveling and obtaining great gear is fast and painless by comparison.

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