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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1.00x
    Visit the website: https://ragnarokonline.co

    Rate : 1x/1x/1x/1x (Renewal)
    Max Level:175/60 (3rd Jobs)
    All 3rd Jobs:Rebellion, Oboro/Kagerou, Ultimate Novice, Summoner (Doram), Star Emperor & Soul Reaper
    Max Stats : 130
    Max ASPD:193
    MVP Card Drops : 0.01%
    Other: Drop rates not effected by out leveling monsters. Bonus experience for partying with others.

    Server Features
    -Renewal Mechanism
    -Episode 16.2 Terra Gloria
    -Instances: 40+
    -Storm Breaker enchanting system
    -Title System with rewards

    Quest & NPCs /lv
    -Ice Dungeon / waterfall custom RPG storylines
    -Holiday event maps / Quests  Headless horseman, Easter, Christmas ect
    -Custom NPCs (Warp NPC, Stylist, Job Changer, Healer, Special potion seller)

    Event System /no1
    -Morroc Invasion
    -Daisy Rock and scissors

    Event's give Gil which can be used to purchase items from the shop system /omg

    -Style Headgears.
    -90+ Hairstyles, 700 Cloth Colors.
    Much More!

    Roforever is a revival of a server we opened back in 2006 this time the server will be renewal with a 1/1/1 rate and with drop rate not effected by character level. The server includes all of our previous Customs, Maps, Mini-games, Event's including the ways to get donations for free as well as customs via quests. The server will be opening April 3rd and will start with the custom Easter event including custom Easter bunnies, Easter egg monsters, And the evil Easter bunny MVP. Donation's are not required in order to keep the server running. It will run regardless of whether people donate or not. And there is already a small community getting ready to play the server.

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