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  • NiktoutRO Classic EP. 4 Web

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    5x 5x 1x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3.00x
    Visit the website: https://classiccp.niktoutro.com

    * Running on RO Browser which is being in development to implement all the missing features & skill effects.
    * Classic Features from 2003.
    * Episode 4 up to 8 through updates later.
    * Only 2-1 jobs are available at the start, 2-2 will be available once we update the server to Episode 7.
    * Updated cards and gears stats until recent days.
    * Quest Warper to Available Towns & Dungeons when found.
    * A Starter Pack is available as freebies.
    * Fast GM support on Discord.
    * Any suggestion & reports are welcome.

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