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    Iris Ragnarok Online

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    Base EXP Job EXP Quest EXP Base Drop Equips Drop Cards Drop MVP Equips Drop MVP Card Drop
    3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 3x 1.00x
    Visit the website: http://irisragnarok.com/

    Iris Ragnarok is a low-rate (3x-3x-3x Weekdays while 5x-5x-3x Weekends) full renewal private server which is set to Episode 16.1++ (Banquet of Heroes - Story of Royal Family) with parts of Episode 16.2 (Terra Gloria). Third Class & Expanded Class are fully functional & implemented (16th Anniversary Patch), Kagerou/Oboro with Rebellion Awakening Patch and Summoner - The Doram Race. We are a Quest-Oriented(No instant job changer) server and utilizes Kafra Services (Warping & Storage). The currently max level is 185/60.

    We are focused on giving the true ragnarok experience with minor modification such as: Private Airship, Attendance System, Equipment Replacement System, Pet Evolution, Refine UI, Item linking, Global Drop System, Trading Card Exchanger, Costumes and more.

    Furthermore, we have implemented and follow some of Episode 17.1 Mechanics like Illusion Dungeons and new maps such as Abyss Glast Heim & Magma Dungeon F3. In time, with updates we will catch up and close to official like contents.

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    · Edited by Nightmare_Eng

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    I am an old school player that is new to renewal, even thought I like Pre-renewal better I have come to enjoy myself here thanks to the community being so friendly and helpful. I am learning new things every day here and I am enjoying myself a lot!

    Even thought some of the game play I disagree with, I have to carry on playing and search for the best equipment to make some of the 3rd classes stronger to keep up with some of the other classes that dont really need it at the start.

    Apart from that the game has some very nice events, hourly reward system in play

    • Dice event
    • Max level is 185
    • It has different 3rd classes costumes
    • Cash shop is very well balanced and the donation for cash shop points is very nice as well.
    • Many custom quests and NPC's
    • Every new player can use the  stats / skill re setter from the very start at a very low cost that slowly increases based on what level you are
    • Main Discord group for Iris RO and a Gaming community group backing it up as well!
    • UK players to America, so many different time zones for everybody.
    • You can buy costumes in game with Zeny
    • Register on the forum to claim some free items when the Admin makes his weekly updates with a free code.

    Mainly it is the nice community that I enjoy the most, so if you are around the UK time zone come and join the community and start playing RO with a friendly family today 

    zorro_msn_zorrillito-16.gif.43571f5a5509dd256fd9c64031895f66.gif https://discord.gg/rx6ACpm - English community

    Have a good day and keep up the amazing work Iris RO!

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