• Immortals-RO :: Where Light Battles Darkenss

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    Visit the website: http://immortals-ro.com/

    Immortals-RO :: Where Light Battles Darkness - Offers a brand new High-Rate server with a PLAYER KILL and a HUNTING server (grinding server). We are here to bring back the old sensation of Immortals-RO way back (2007-2008) based on (High-Rate) server with highly unique modifications that you can't find from any other servers.

    Tired of playing boring servers with no content?

                          Do you want to achieve something through hard work? Stop playing biased and copy-paste servers!


    Important Links:

    Account Registration: http://immortals-ro.com/

    Forum Community: http://www.board.immortals-ro.com/

    Official Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/PSRs2KK


    Server Information:
    Old School Server (Pre-Renewal)
    • Server Located: Proxy
    • Pre-Renewal (High-Rate Server)
    • Max Level: 255 / 120
    • Max Stats: 200
    • Max Aspd: 195

    Featured Unique Systems:
    • Divine Soul Weapon Quest
    • Immortals Custom WoE Map Unique WoE Reward Mechanics
    • New Antagonist System with Points System
    • Rebirth System
    • Mounting System (Bonus Attributes)
    • Illusion System
    • Faction Race System (Bonus Attributes)


    For more information:
    Please feel free to contact me: [email protected]

    Immortals-RO © 2008-2019

    Give us a try,

           and be part of something big!


    Immortals-RO WOE Core Map:




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