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Untold RO - Spriter

WebsitePayment MethodContact Method
https://www.UnderMaintenance.com Negotiable Send me a PM via our website/forums

Currently looking for a spriter who can make high quality sprites in the RO style. Like with my Web-Dev post, I'll need a portfolio that has work examples. Pay is negotiable. I understand a lot of time and effort goes into creating quality art and am willing to compensate for that. If you choose to reply to this ad please be aware of some basic rules;

1. If we come to terms and I commission something, I understand there may be an exclusivity fee. This fee being, me paying extra for you to not resell what I commission from you.

2. Once I have requested something and you have agreed to do the request, the following steps should be taken: Rough draft of the sprite(free of charge), Once approved you'll receive half payment, follow-ups on progress when requested(time frame doesn't matter but I only request an honest progress report. Meaning if you've been busy and havent been able to work on it, thats fine.), Once the final product has been finished you will receive the rest of the payment and you would transfer the appropriate files over.

3. Even if we split on bad terms, uphold any exclusivity rights until my project is shut down.


I know these "rules" seem drastic(especially #2)  but it's to ensure an honest and trustworthy partnership. If even after reading all this and you still want to take part, please contact me via Discord at TheDerpySupport#0001



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