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unknown - Game Master

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https://soon.org/ Paid in $ Send me a PM on rAthena

Hi there, Im looking for 1 GM "each" for a High Rate and a Low Rate Server

  • 1 For High Rate Server
  • 1 For Low Rate Server

Currently, I am with 2 Other GM's but we need more that who is more active in-game and of course have an open mind.

Btw the server hasn't opened yet (low-rate) but high rate it is already open, but we just started somewhat beta phase**

We will have a discussion in private and discord calls

We're looking for some exceptional individuals to join our Game Master team.

1. Game Master - Responsible for all Game Master Task and help my team for taking care of the server and make sure everything goes well.

This Includes: 
- Responsible for answering question relating to bugs and player issues. Helping wherever necessary.
- Responsible for hosting an event in a game or forum. Helping wherever necessary.
- Balancing Ideas, Economy Building and aiming for a long-lasting server


Minimum Requirement:

- Age of 21

- High availability (6-8+ hours daily) preferably for SEA or USA

- Expert experience with organizing GM-hosted events & providing customer support. Smoothing things down in case something exploded and the other staff is absent.

- Able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff and players with fluent English writing and reading comprehension.

- Able to manage forum/discord.

- Able to capable to provide input when requested. We value all staff's opinions and each of us have a say, your suggestion is very important for the server to grow!

- Must have a favorable over-all attitude: enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help, unbiased.

- Do I have to stop playing my current character/account?

At the moment, no. However, if you get accepted as a GM, most likely your time on your legit will plummet, and you will have to distance yourself from your friends or guild a least a little. 

GMing always comes before regular playing, no matter how hard you want to WoE. 

Thus, if you are extremely active in your guild/with your friends and are unwilling to put that second in your RO life, you should not apply. 

However, if we find your performance as a GM unsatisfactory, especially because of your legit, or if our rules change, we reserve the right to either suspend your legit until your quality of conduct improves, or remove you from the staff. 

also, since this is said, being a GM means you can't be a leader, or in a lead position in any WoE Guilds, Fun guilds are excluded from this rule.



How to Apply?


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