Hello potential [ Contributor ] ! If you apply for this position you will helping me directly by contributing to ideas and coming up with features for the project/server. Some of the current features include:

  •  New Job Change system
  •  New Card-like System (Runes)
  •  New Guild System
  •  V.I.P System
  •  Reward System
  •  Custom Quest System
  •  Cosmetic Only Customs
  •  More to come

As large as this project is I am in need of some help with bringing ideas together for the rune system and it's starting to become overwhelming. Payment for helping me with this will include a special title in-game when the server launches, Contributor role in the discord server, and a special Head-start package (TBD).

[Contact Method] Able to reply to this listing, contact via rA forum DMs, or Discord server/DMs.

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