Hello potential Member, I am currently looking for a Sponsor for my planned server. You, as the sponsor, will be paying for the hosting of the server but will also be making any money made from the server as well. I do not wish to make any money from the server but rather give the community a server that is unique.

  •  New Job Change system
  •  New Card-like System
  •  New Guild System
  •  V.I.P System
  •  Reward System
  •  Custom Quest System
  •  Cosmetic Only Customs
  •  More to come

It might take a small bit before we start getting off the ground as most servers do but I really think my vision will make a great server for the community. If you wish to remain anonymous to the community you may contact me directly on Discord at TheDerpySupport#0001. I am most active on it.

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