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ReverieRO - Game Master

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** Update April 20st, 2020: Still looking!  **

Hey everyone, for my server - ReverieRO - that launched February 1st 2020, I'm looking for a few Game Masters to complete our competent team!

About the team:
Each member of the team fulfills a different role, but we all have one thing in common- We are a fun, friendly, dedicated and skilled bunch that (besides working on the server) share a great connection with each other! I consider my team by best friends, my allies, my confidants, my treasured contributors and I would like to believe they feel the same way about me. Being a part of the ReverieRO team will guarantee you that you will never feel under-appreciated or without say in a matter, for you would be as valuable as every single one of us!

About the server:
ReverieRO is a Pre-RE mid-rate with tasteful customizations and loads of unique content, such as exclusive dungeons, instances, maps and monsters. Players have repeatedly told us we have 'the nicest community and staff from all server I've ever played' and we take much pride in that knowledge. The server has consistently between 70~90 players online and 105 players during peak times (which includes 20 vendors tops). With that said, we're growing immensely fast, so you definitely need not worry about having to entertain a ghost town!

Expectations & Requirements:
- Minimum age of 21.
- Average ~ high availability (2+ hours daily) preferably for SEA and/or USA regions.
- Moderate ~ expert experience with organizing GM-hosted events & providing customer support, as well as smoothing things down in case something exploded and the other staff is absent. (Note: This is yet to happen).
- Must be able to properly and professionally communicate with other staff members and players. This includes having an above average ~ fluent English writing and reading comprehension. 
- Must be capable to provide input when requested. We value all staff's opinion and each of us have a say, so please don't keep quiet. ♥
- Must have a favorable over-all attitude: enthusiastic, trustworthy, patient, kind, respectful, responsible, optimistic, keen to help, unbiased.
- Must be self-sufficient, aka not constantly having to be told to hop in-game and socialize/host events. The more initiative you show, the better!
- Must be willing to comply to our application procedure (application form/questionnaire -> voice interview -> server (features) self-study). We take our recruitment serious and thus - assuming you make it through - the entire procedure is expected to take up to two hours, spread across 1~3 days (depending on schedules).

Good to know: We have the intention to use a part of the incoming donations (once sufficiently received) to contribute to rA's crowdfunding for the hard work being delivered here, as well as use the excess to compensate our staff members.

Filed the application? Then, for a swift reply, please nudge me in Discord:

Thank you for your time!

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