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Server: Low rate. 3x3x1.5x Pre-RE. Custom items. Custom maps. Custom Jobs. Custom Skills. After reading all that, you should've figured out by now that this will be a fully customized server. Yes it is. But, we are not completely abandoning the "Ragnarok" This will be like Avengers. Not about Cap, Thor, Hulk, or Iron Man, etc.Its about the grand scheme of things. Which is yet to be unveiled. I will be putting about 2-4 hours a day into developing this. With that said, I dont see "official launch" an earlier than this coming New Year. As for payment, well, expect nothing tangible. I'm sorry this is just a hobby. But a hobby that I will be committing to. At the time of writing this, there is me and a guy who dont know anything about developing RO. But he's doing what he can to contribute. That does not sound promising, I know. But, if you join my team, this team will start to sound promising. 😄 Join our discord, and let us know that you want to join! Or you could reply to this listing or PM me here.


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