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Afternoon members of rAthena!

An introduction to the project:

There will be some of you that recall jTynne/Eiphes and his team that made contributions to the community here and established to what I believe the most enjoyable and balanced mid-rate server available at its time: CasualRO: I myself was a big fan of that server and didn't play much Ragnarok after it closed.

I've been in discussion with jTynne and his team and they have very kindly provided me with the project. September of 2018 they were in the process of renewing the data to be compatible with the rAthena, it's not starting from afresh but much of the ground work has been done.

I myself am required to be completely honest here: I have no developer knowledge what-so-ever. I have means and a strong desire to get this project into a living breathing server, build upon what jTynne had and take it in a new creative direction.

So what's been done?

I've bought Hosting on Digital Ocean (With back-ups): 4 GB Memory / 80 GB Disk / SFO2 - Ubuntu 16.04.5 x64  <-- For now.

The have the files worked on so far packaged on bitbucket and a willingness to purchase bitbuckets pipeline to expedite the process.

A talented designer who's in the process of making a pretty website.

What's needed?

A complete call to arms, this great legacy needs you! Talented developers and scripters!

1. Getting the SQL database up and ticking.

2. The server configured and the files brought into line with updated rAthena

2. On-call assistance in managing the servers assets 

3.  Development of new ideas and bug testing

4. Someone who can bring my web designers pieces to life and have it operational

I need it working and running smoothly, then good people around to continue making it better.


What are the aims?

The server will be fully operational and ready to rock n' roll ASAP with a deadline of June.

To create a server Mid-rate server that is as balanced, unbiased and fair from both an admin and players view. 


What's on the table?

It has come to my attention this is an ambitious project with a number of hours forecast to make it a reality. I am willing to negotiate $ with all helping hands depending

on what part of the project you wish to undertake and how quickly you can achieve that. I am prepared to break up the work into elements for multiple people to work in unison.


My ideal team would be running between 3-5 people that were able to work autonomously and report with their updates and progress. The successful applicants who are assigned will be paid upon targets being achieved and may be eligible to an advance depending on their experience and skill coupled with proof of previous projects/credentials. Enthusiasts and skilled pro's are welcome so please apply. 


I will be taking applications from today 31.01.2019 and reviewing them on a daily basis.


It is of paramount importance to me that this be brought to life and I will not rest until it is achieved. 


Thanks for taking the time to read through this, I encourage you to send me a private message here and we can communicate further.

Have a sterling day.



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