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HiwaRO - Game Master

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Hi everyone,

HiwaRO is actually in its Open Beta phase and the server is getting a lot of attention, our ultimate goal is to offer the best content to our players,

That's why we decided to start the hiring process for a total of  2 "Event GMs".

We already have a Lead Event GM, but he needs a small team to operate and organize the events planning process. 

One of your most important tasks would be to plan the events by searching for items that would be great rewards while keeping balance in mind.

HiwaRO is a pre-re server with trans jobs that really focus on balance and the "classic" side of Ragnarok Online, so you need to think of content that will respect these important traits.

Let's resume the tasks:

  • Plan events 
  • In-depth researches for content 
  • Host manual events in-game

If you're interested use the following to contact us:

          discord_media.png.963974b06c12081473f0945cde124fe3.png  ADec#3284


✅ Register: http://bit.ly/3oYn41M
✅ Download: http://bit.ly/2O5NgKT
✅ Official Website: https://hiwa-ro.com



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