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HiwaRO - Game Master

Xan Sietry
WebsitePayment MethodContact Method
https://hiwa-ro.com Negotiable Send me a PM on rAthena

Hello everyone,

HiwaRO is an ongoing pre-renewal low rates server project (5x/5x/3x).

What you would need to expect from this project is that we're taking our time, too many private server staffs are "hasty" if you will. We have big plans for this server and we intend to release a very complete and bug free server.

It's impossible to prevent absolutely everything, but in depth tests are being executed each time something new is added to the server, simply to make sure everything is working accordingly. 

We're looking for someone who has a good knowledge of the game and that will be able to use it to make lists of ideas for freebies, quests, lvl reward packages and more of that kind of content.

We need someone who's passionate for the game. We understand this MMORPG has been out for quite some time and that it's not always easy to keep the flame burning as bright as it used to. But, we know there's still love for this game out there!

To resume, the main purpose of this position is to help with the creative content creation. It's a very important position since it helps the developers accelerate the server's creation.

How staff members are treated at HiwaRO

  • That's a very important aspect of our team.
  • Respect is a must and we do ask our members to be active, but we're also very well aware that everyone has life to live and that this is not a full time job.
  • We are supportive of everyone's decissions and we'll never make anyone feel guilty because he has something important planned and can't make it on time to a team meeting. We try to plan everything in consideration of everyone's schedule.
  • HiwaRO is a project that is very organised, it's important to us to not be all over the place.
  • We use the Monday platform and google sheets to plan & store all the information about any modifications that is being brought to the server.

If you think you fit the description and you want to join us there's 3 easy way to do so:

  1. PM me directly on rAthena
  2. Write us an email at [email protected]
  3. Contact me on Discord (Recommended
    discord_media.png.963974b06c12081473f0945cde124fe3.png  Xan Sietry#3284

Kind regards,

Xan Sietry





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