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i have a paid Job for a Root Manager.

We use a Windows Server 2012 R2 with Plesk. VS 2018, FluxCP, WBB 4.1.1, TS3 Client.

I would pay for fixing some problems.

Current is it, Website and Community Board are to slowly with many php errors. We have problems with the outgoing mailserver. The Website don't show bitmap Pictures. We have a bad certificate problem, but a Certificate is there, not right included i mean.

"Make my Root great again!"

After you have fixed all the errors and problems, i want you weekly for check. Make Updates, fixed Windows System and more.

I need you once a week for 5 or 6 hours one a day if you choice, the payment is fixed 40$/m. and limited for the next 2 month. Above this time only you make a good job.

Interested? Send me a PM with your offer and your WindowsServer and Root Skills.

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