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After many years of my old server sitting on a dusty hard-drive, i've recently decided to give it another go.

Emperium Online is a "variable-rate" Low Rate server. It has Achievements, Pet Evolution, Reputation System, over 50 instances that i've written myself, and a few mechanics have been changed.. 'cus why not. For example, you can't teleport via the Kafras and there's no Warper per-se.. instead it's all managed via scrolls. Creating a guild requires 10 special Emperiums that you craft from Emperium Shards that are dropped by monsters (% each kill). Guild Leveling is achieved via quests or the use of a special item. Caspen is only accessible once you've hit Base Lv99 the first time around - you can travel there anytime after that. Caspen is where the NPCs for Personal and Guild Housing are kept, along with our customised content.

Updated to a new client and given all the bells and whistles, the project is in need of several Game Masters that can patrol the in-game chat, discord, forums and create pages of information on the wiki. Both GMs and Players can use the Service Desk to report issues that will result in CashPoints being awarded once fixed.

It's open-beta and the installer was uploaded today.. so there's no one here yet.

Please Note: I am not looking for Event GMs. All events are scripted in order to reduce GM corruption. 

Application should be completed via the Emperium Online forums: https://emperiumonline.com/forums/page/applications

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