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AzkabanRO - Other

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http://azkaban.ro-game.net/ Paid in $ Reply to this listing

What I'm looking for is a Scripter, Web Developer and a Designer for banners, screenshots and the like for pure advertising.

Now each job will be paid differently and discussed with the person.

I don't wanna ask for how the job is doing or anything like that every now and then. I'm expecting that you take it as a serious job like any other. you would be paid upfront 

and you just need to finish it. Send progress report so Im not in the dark and just guessing when the jobs gonna be done. Anywas here is my contact information I barely look at rathena messages so please I'd prefer if you contacted me on discord.

Will need advertising services as well. Whatever services you think you can provide even if it may not be on what I listed I would LIKE to know anyways I'll probably have some use for you.

with this being said, thank you for taking the time to read and answer.


Discord: EvilDeity#4373

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