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Aurum Ragnarok - Scripter

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http://www.aurumro.com/ Paid in $ Send me a PM on rAthena

I guess introducing my server and myself is needed before anything else.

I have been in rAthena since 2011, contributed here and there and have made a few servers over the years, and now i'm making another one.

AurumRO is the 1st part of my project this year, it is a Mid Rate server | 99/70 trans-ext | Events + PvP/GvG focused.

I am looking for a Knowledgable Scripter who is Honest with his work and puts in actual work when on the clock.

I don't really ask for much since my server is good to go, i just need some scripts straightened out and also

i have some ideas for a script need to be made. again, nothing too complex.



You "might" do a "maximum" of 6 NPC edits or 1 basic Custom NPC a day, it is also possible that there will be a day

that you wont have to do anything (That 2 hours will still be counted as work completed).

like i said, my server is almost ready, i just want to know that there is someone there and that someone is reliable, to edit my NPC's the way i want them and whenever i find something that needs to be done.

I am not selfish, i provide Bonus if the Attitude, Communication and Work is good.

This is also a possible long term work relationship.


Starting payment: $40

Working hours: 14 Hours a week (2 Hours a day)

What am i asking for?

  • Minor Script edits
  • Custom Scripts (Nothing too complicated, i swear!)

What do i mean by "Minor Script edits": Changing NPC names, Changing Variables for Shops/Quest NPC's, removing items from NPC's.

What do i mean by "Custom Scripts": Creating various Reward NPC's, Quest NPC's.

NOTE: Some NPC's may have Cutins, but i will be providing the images.



Thank you guys, for taking the time to read this post.


Contact me through replying here, or sending me a DM/PM (i'll be keeping an eye out). 


++ i am also looking for a Web Developer/Editor ++

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