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I'm looking for a partner who's mostly willing to work on a project for the love of the game. 

I have a steady job, and can easily pay for most of the things needed, but someone who's ready to help a little financially would be of great help to get the project moving. We would of course share the donations within the staff, if we ever decide to implement any, which would only be statless hats for the only purpose of looking good!

I already have a whole server setuped on Digital Ocean and I also own a Web Host at StableHost.

We really need someone dedicated and who's comfortable doing a little bit of everything:


  • Basic scripting
  • Basic scripts modifications
  • Basic SRC files modifications

We also need someone who's ready and motivated to learn how to use platforms such as:


  • Ubuntu linux droplet, on which the servers runs. You only need to learn some basic commands which I can teach you in 5 minutes.
  • Github, to modify files right from the server's repository instead of directly on the SFTP, where the server files are hosted.
  • Bitvise, which is used to access the sftp for the server files, the SSH window to access ubuntu on which you use the commands to start, stop the server and many other things. Also, the web host to modify any files related to the website.

I'm very patient and open minded, I will gladly guide you through it all if you don't know how to use any this.

If you're interested or you know someone who might, you can contact me on Discord: Sirique#9034 


If you don't use Discord just PM here or send me a good old email at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and hopefully you'll be interested to join me on this great adventure that is the making of an awesome Ragnarok Online Private server!

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