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[important] NPC_CRITICALWOUND Map Crash

Posted by Poseid0n on 16 March 2012 - 11:22 AM

Hello Everybody, currently, the map server become more and more unstable.

I have founded a bug with the NPC_CRITICALWOUNDED script. In fact, if a player equip an item which contains NPC_CRITICALWOUNDED in his script, the map server crash.

It's the same if a player who had an item which contains NPC_CRITICALWOUND equipped tries to connect, te map server crash too. The error is reported in skill.c at ligne 117, during the return of function.

For example, or for testing, you can use a "Ivory_Knife" (ID = 13039)


Ps : There are a similar bug with timer.c which doing restart the map server, but actually, I dont know why.

The immediate crash has been fixed in r15691. It was a typo (NPC_CRITICALWOUNDS instead of NPC_CRITICALWOUND).
Should probably warn and preferably not crash.

Fixed the reason for the crash in r15692 r15693.

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