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Please Help LMS Event


Can anyone re-edit this LMS script?


i dont have errors in the script but its not working properly.


if there's a winner he/she will not receive the reward or there's no npc will appear to claim the prize.


things i want to edit is:

1.it will announce the time limit of the event (example 3mins) and every min will announce again 2mins,1min.

2.it will countdown 5seconds before the warper will close.

3.need atleast 2 players in the map if not the event will cancel/aborted.

4.it will broadcast the winners name.

5.to claim the reward npc will appear and type his/her name to check if its the winner. after claiming the player will warp to its save point.


this is the script guys....hope someone could help me...thanks in advance more power to Rathena :) (y)

prontera,164,174,4	script	Last Man Standing	418,{
	if ( !.start ) {
		mes "No Event at the Moment";
	if ( .start == 2 ) {
		mes "Event is running";
	if ( .register_count >= .register_limit ) {
		mes "this event has reach the maximum player participations";
	percentheal 100,100;
	warp "pvp_y_8-2", 0,0;
	.register_aid[ .register_count ] = getcharid(3);
	if ( getgmlevel() < 60 ) end;
//OnClock0000: // put all your start timer here
	if ( .start == 2 )
		callsub L_resetmap;
	else if ( .start == 1 )
	announce "LMS Event: The warper would be open for 1 minute", 0;
	.start = 1;
	sleep 30000; // registration timer here
	announce "LMS Event: Last 30 Seconds", 0;
	.start = 1;
	sleep 30000; // registration timer here
	announce "LMS event registration close", 0;
	.start = 2;
	sleep 5000;
	mapannounce "pvp_y_8-2", "Let's Start the Event !!!!!", 0;
	if ( .register_count < .register_min ) {
		announce "not enough participants for LMS event", 0;
		mapwarp "pvp_y_8-2", .map$, .x, .y;
		callsub L_resetmap;
	pvpon "pvp_y_8-2";
	if ( .start != 2 || strcharinfo(3) != "pvp_y_8-2" ) end;
	while ( .register_aid != getcharid(3) && [email protected] < .register_count ) [email protected]++;
	deletearray .register_aid[[email protected]], 1;
	warp "SavePoint", 0,0;
	if ( .register_count > 1 ) end;
	killmonsterall "pvp_y_8-2";
	announce "Congratulations ~ the winner of LMS event is "+ rid2name( .register_aid ), 0;
	getitem .reward_item_id, .reward_item_amount, .register_aid; // winner prize
	warpchar "SavePoint", 0,0, getcharid( 0, rid2name( .register_aid ) );
	callsub L_reset;
	mapwarp "pvp_y_8-2", .map$, .x, .y;
	.start = 0;
	deletearray .register_aid;
	.register_count = 0;
	pvpoff "pvp_y_8-2";
	getmapxy .map$, .x, .y, 1;
	.register_min = 2; // minimum amount of players to start this event, or else it auto-abort
	.register_limit = 100; // maximum amount of players able to participate in this event
	.reward_item_id = 7711;
	.reward_item_amount = 1;
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nosave	SavePoint
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nowarp
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nowarpto
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	noteleport
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nomemo
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nopenalty
//pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	nobranch
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	noicewall
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	pvp_noparty
pvp_y_8-2	mapflag	pvp_noguild
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I try 3 accounts the 2 was a lvl 99 GM and the 1 is normal account..but in the end i let the normal account win.

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