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Script command definitions




I have a quick question. Take a look at this list of script command definitions (from http://svn.rathena.org/svn/rathena/trunk/src/map/script.c):


/// script command definitions/// for an explanation on args, see add_buildin_funcstruct script_function buildin_func[] = {    // NPC interaction    BUILDIN_DEF(mes,"s*"),    BUILDIN_DEF(next,""),    BUILDIN_DEF(close,""),    BUILDIN_DEF(close2,""),    BUILDIN_DEF(menu,"sl*"),    BUILDIN_DEF(select,"s*"), //for future jA script compatibility    BUILDIN_DEF(prompt,"s*"),etc...


Can someone help me understand what these values specified inside the double quotes, next to each function name.


for e.g: s l * i ? v r


I am guessing "s" is string and "i" is int, but what do others means?


Also, if nothing is specified within double quotes, does that mean that particular script command doesn't take any arguments?



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v - value (string, int or reference)

s - string

i - int

r - reference (variable)

l - label

? - optional parameter

* - as you want optionals parameters

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