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Chok Designer

port forwarding


pleas help me how to open port 6900, 5121, 6121 in my PRO link h5001N

it is possible?..

i'll try it many times but when i check port 6900 5121 and 6121 it say always close

but my port 80 is open..

how to open this 3 ports...help me guys

SOLVED!!!! now i know how...tnx!!! Winz

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that's not windows problem.

call your internet service provider and ask them to open it for you.

route those ports by forwarding them to your PC's IP.

first, assign an IP address to your PC (ahh, this is so hard to explain. But nevermind, I'll explain to you)

Windows Vista / 7

1. Open the Network and Sharing Center.

2. Locate your Connection, (it should be the Local Area Connection (or Network)).

3. Click View Status

4. Click Properties

5. TCP/IP V4 : properties

6. set to Assign Manually

7. Enter an IP address, simillar to your router's addres. (If router: 192.168.1.x, then IP = 192.168.1.x. If 192.168.0.x, then put 192.168.0.x too)

8. Subnet mask: just use

9. Default Gateway: your router's IP

10. click OK.

The internet will be reset for some seconds. if you lost your internet connection, change them to be assigned automatically and tell me what happened.

then, on port forwarding:

Forward every port to your PC's IP address.

*You can find this similar guide I wrote in rAthena / eAthena. but sorry, I forgot where did I put the complete guide.

@gniryudan: Hello, glad that your problem is now solved. please edit the first post using the full-editor and please change the "Topic prefix" to "Solved".

Have a nice day!

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gud day! can i ask how did you manage to forward ports on this router? im using the same router but im unable to forward ports.. when i check on canyouseeme.org ports are still closed.. by the way im using globe dsl here in philippines..

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