[Released & Updating] Deadly Sins Weapons

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Envyblade, Greedscythe, Wrathwand, Vainglaive, Slothbow



Note: The Scythe is a two-handed sword and animations would only work if the weapon is a sword type. The Glaive is a spear type and animation would only work for spears. Not all of it are fixed. Some may be a bit glitchy and not all of them have an alternate gender spr/act. My priorities will be finishing off all the sprites for now before I remake the spr/act files for other classes.

I may also remake the envy sword as it doesn't fit the texture of ragnarok online (it was an idea or attempt to recreate an Aion greatsword "Dragonlord's Hatred", which is a fail creation. http://aiondatabase.net/previews/ts_idtiamat01e_0.jpg )

The green one is probably my Envyblade version 2.


Currently working:

-  Gluttony mace

-  Lust katar / knuckle


Critiques/Suggestions are welcome, but not all suggestions will be followed. Spriting is kind-of hard or maybe because I'm rusty but yeah, not all of it will be followed. I decided to just release this for free since I don't care that much about Ragnarok Online and I shut down my server anyways. You may use them as you wish except for selling.

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omg!!! i´m waitng the showcase of sloth´s weapon *0* great job!! i can´t never make weapons T.T review the palletes for the black color that´s all *0*

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Im not really a big fan of custom items/weapons but all I can say is good job! :D

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