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rAthena Download section changes

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 07:49 PM

Hello all,

In light of recent events and issues with the original ideas of having all the Sprite Repository downloads available on rAthena, we have made the decision to remove them. This decision did not come lightly and came with many issues, fights and remorse. The reason for this is as follows:

* The staff feels that the files uploaded by rAFileBot are difficult to maintain, do not come with credits and are uploaded by an account that doesn't exist, therefore making it difficult to update the file, if needed.
* this will give us a "clean slate" and allow us to keep the downloads section clean, and maintained. Moderators will go through training on how to properly maintain the downloads section.
* this will allow us to heed the wishes of potential artists by not having uncredited and potentially unlicensed for distribution files.

Please note that it does NOT effect files that were uploaded by our members, THOSE FILES REMAIN. The only files removed were carried over from TSR (the ones uploaded by rAFilebot)

Among the changes, we've re-worked our uncredited downloads section, which means that you can feel free to upload uncredited works, but they will remain undownloadable. We urge you to obtain credits for those files so that they can be be downloadable.

There have been a new set of rules drawn for the upload of files:

rAthena Downloads – Terms of Service

Version 20120425-2

I. All Uploads are moderated
A moderator must manually approve an upload made to our system to ensure compliance of rules and copyrights below.
Paid files are only approved by Administrators with staff guidance. Paid files may have to be downloaded by Administrators to ensure their integrity.

II. Uploads must be submitted to their proper category
rAthena has many categories for many types of files. If you do not see a category for a file you wish to submit, please contact an Administrator to get the category added. Files which do not appear in their proper category may not be approved.

III. All files must credit the original author
Files which are uploaded to our system without credits will be moved to an uncredited download section where they will remain until credits are found. The file will be visible to all members but not downloadable. If credits are found for a particular file, please notify a moderator or the uploader of the original file so that credits can be given where due.

IV. Paid uploads:
1. Must be of your own work. Paid files cannot be rips, conversions, edits or recolours with or without permissions. You may not profit off of other people’s work on rAthena.
2. Must include an actual screenshot or picture of the file that is to be bought. Files without screenshots will not be approved.
3. If available, a link leading to your website including your terms of use for the file.
4. rAthena is not responsible for the redistribution of your paid file for free outside of rAthena.org and rAthena.net domain space.

V. Offensive content
Offensive content and nudity is up to the discretion of the moderators. “Nude” sprites are allowed as long as they do not depict pornography and are tagged with 18+ for our non-mature members. Members browsing the areas with “nude” sprites confirm that they either have their parents’ permission to browse these areas, or are over the legal age in their residing country. rAthena will not be responsible for mature content being shown to underage members.

VI. Sprite Edits
Sprite “edits” are not allowed unless they show true originality (i.e.: obviously from scratch) or you have express written consent to edit or recolour the sprite from the original author (proof may be demanded). If you do not have proof of permission then the file is not allowed. Sprites which are edits or recolours must state that the file is an edit or recolour and credit the original author (i.e.: This file is a recolor/edit of file XYZ by member ABC).

VII. Rips/Conversions
Rips/Conversions are allowed provided permissions from the copyright holder is granted first. Rips or Conversions cannot be sold. Typically if an owner gives a blanket permission to modify one of their copyrighted pieces, it will be added to a list that permits those types of rips or conversions.

Please keep in mind that rAthena will not be held responsible for the redistribution of your file outside the rAthena.org or rAthena.net domain. You uploaded your file into a public area which is accessible to all members. Downloaders are discouraged from redistributing your files illegally or in ways against your Terms of Use, but rAthena cannot be held responsible for their behavior.

Uploaders are encouraged to include a license for their file in the description of the file that they upload. Files without credits or files that you do not own you cannot claim under a different license than what was originally intended. If a license is not specified, then it is assumed that a generic license is applied which covers the following:

* File may be redistributed but not sold, provided proper credits are applied and the same license terms apply.
* File must include ALL of the original file, non-edited if redistributed (including any intentionally left "bloatware" or text files).

If you believe a file is being redistributed illegally on rAthena or proper credits are not given, I invite you to email us with your complaint to admin [at] rathena [dot] org and we will act accordingly. Please include proper credits or proof of ownership to validate your claim. We do act on complaints of copyright infringement sent to this email address in a timely manner.

First time offenders of uploading files which are being redistributed illegally will get a warning. Repeat offenders will be banned from rAthena without further question.

We invite you to check out the articles on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMCA as well as the copyright.gov page: http://www.copyright...ircs/circ01.pdf for more information about copyrights, fair usage and why we require credits and permissions for files distributed on rAthena.

Please note that this Terms of Service page and all pages related and linked from/to are subject to change without notice.

We've added a custom field that you can fill in with a license of your choosing. I urge all to do so. If you do not specify a license, please see the rules above for the license terms that would be considered 'default'.

The Nexus system is also back online. Files may be bought and sold in our download system. Please make sure you follow the rules above for paid files.

Thanks all.
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