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Banned before you even posted?

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Hi all,

We've had some members that have come onto IRC and told us that they've been banned before they posted anything.

Don't fret, you're not in trouble.

rAthena forums uses some softwares to check spam lists for potential IPs that have shown up. If you have a dynamic IP, or an IP address assigned from a known spammer (or even if you're in the same range as a large block of 'spam' IPs), chances are, your IP will trigger our filters as well. You may want to check your IP on some spam lists (especially if you're connecting from a static IP) and see about getting it removed.

To get your ban reversed on rAthena, follow some simple steps:

* Get on IRC via webchat and get in touch with anyone that has a '~' next to their name, a channel owner which are also administrators on the forums. Let them know (they're names are: Maki, Ind, Gepard, Jman, Brian/Pekkle or Kenpachi) that you've been banned when you signed up. They should be able to reverse the ban for you.

* You can also send us an email: admin @ rathena . org and let us know.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you but it is for the better as it drastically cuts down on the spam bots that get through and post.

Thanks all!


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