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BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

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But he said r_90 is buggy. :0


No what I meant it the OLD OLD browedit the stable release version of 1.0 it has some minor bugs here and there but it's still better than anything else currently released to the public.

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There sure is :) Borf poked me today and he's already completed some edit modes. He's definitely making amazing progress.



PS: Hi everyone :)

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Hey Emistry! He's on r230 -:> http://svnlog.borf.info/browedit.log


Yeah, from what he's mentioned, its a lot easier to code, better library files, and a heck of a lot faster.


Hey Syo, this may be off topic, but you know that beachy looking map you have with the single house and farm? 

What map is that from or where did you get it?


There is a reason I ask this.

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Hey i tried the r228 but if i start brow , i got this message: unable to find configuration file, please type the configuration filename.


i input "brof" ,"config.brof" , "config.brof.json" the same with default.


my config.borf.json: 


"resolution" : [ 1920, 1080 ],
"data" :
"ropath" : "D:/originalro",
"grfs" :
"moveconsole" : true,
"defaultmap" : "malaya",
"threadedrendering" : true,
"backgroundworkers" : true,
"fov" : 45,
"vsync" : false
can someone help me with this ?
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When you run the exe it'll search for borf.default.json. Ensure you have that file and it should find it.

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I got it working. It looks great so far (no errors).

Do you guys have the shortcut keys and controls guide yet?

I managed to add/edit objects and texture but I couldn't move the camera.

Do we have to recalculate shadow?

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Please everyone:


Look for the new and improved Browedit 2.0 at this link:



The Java version of browedit (currently at this topic) is no longer supported. Probably both threads will be merged for easy access soon. Thank you!

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I'm really looking forward to this launch. This new version printscreens and renewed my spirit to learn to create maps. I get anxious awaiting.

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Hi, i dont know if someone will still reply,

i was trying to edit the attached map, but i get and error that says "unknown object type"

im using BrowEdit 586

also tried using BrowEdit 2.0, same error


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