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June Updates and Maintenance


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* Added Support for Cookie Consent.
* Added support for forcing tags to be listed alphabetically.
* Members can now request their PII Data via the Frontend.
* Members can now request to be deleted via the Frontend.
* Members can no longer react to content if they have unacknowledged warnings.
* Adjusted the OAuth setup instructions to use the new "API" instead of "REST & OAuth" menu point.
* Removed the none function default Giphy API key.
* Improved the way how we send requests to IndexNow to skip it for items which are literally never visible to guests.
* Fixed few instances, where we weren't removing the IP address from the database via the IP Address truncate task.
* Fixed an issue where the similar content block may cause an error on some pages when using Elastic/Opensearch.
* Fixed an issue with lightbox grouping in activity stream where Elastic/Opensearch is used.
* Fixed an issue where push notifications may not be sent if a browser/device has been used to sign in to multiple accounts.
* Fixed an issue in validating custom header/footer theme inputs.
* Fixed an issue where moderating all links did not work correctly.
* Fixed an issue where editing an item and setting a future publishing date did not work correctly.
* Fixed an issue where viewing the members content on his profile may show an error while viewing some reviews.
* Fixed an issue where chart labels containing a comma caused CSV downloads to be incorrectly formatted.
* Fixed an issue where adding the 'group' parameter in the 'core/members' REST endpoint would result in the other parameters being overlooked.
* Fixed an issue where Custom Fields of type Member did not function correctly.
* Fixed an issue where bulk mail could not be filtered by a CheckboxSet profile field.
* Fixed an issue where responses to reviews were not checked against word filters.
* Fixed an issue where the related content widget added invalid hover parameters in some cases.
* Fixed an issue where the memberregistrationcomplete` webhook was triggered too early.
* Fixed an issue where clubs set to not show members still showed on the profile.
* Fixed a missing live search keyword for admin control panel notifications.
* Fixed an issue where ACP notifications may cause an error if the extension has been removed.
* Fixed an issue where content can be missing in streams if the last comment is waiting approval.
* Fixed an issue generating iOS startup images.
* Fixed an issue where an administrator IP may show in the list of ban suggestions if they had changed the members display name.
* Fixed an issue where a malformed search request could trigger an uncaught exception (and system log).
* Improved the Cookie Consent system based on feedback from our community.
* Fixed some missing language strings in Member History relating to PII / Account deletion requests.
* Fixed some issues with the AdminCP notification for PII requests.
* Fixed an issue where an administrator exporting PII for a member may not contain the members device data.
* Fixed an issue with links in the PII request emails.
* Improved the security of the Visual Language Editor.

* Added og:image tags for first 4 image attachments.
* The topic summary was removed for future topics.
* Fixed fatal error when upgrading from IP.Board 3.x.
* Fixed an issue where publishing a scheduled topic did not properly update the last post information on the forums.
* Fixed an issue where re-engagement emails would show replies from the topic author.

* Added the table filter and sort options to the redirect target after deleting an invoice in the ACP.
* Fixed an issue with PayPal when buying multiple quantities of a product in one order.
* Fixed a bug where the expiry date can be calculated incorrectly when upgrading/downgrading between packages.
* Fixed an issue where the wrong value was displayed on custom fields during checkout.
* Corrected PayPal API endpoint to the newer version.

* Fixed an issue moving comments to forum if the article previously had a linked forum topic that no longer exists.
* Fixed an issue where copying multiple topics to a database resulted in duplicated attachments.
* Fixed an issue where display options in the ACP did not match the display of custom fields on the front-end.

* Fixed an issue where editing a video upload to Gallery may not transcode it to MP4.
* Fixed an issue where email copies of Commerce actions may not be sent.
* Fixed an issue with content item analytics.

The above list is a copy/paste from IPS's Release Notes. Some of the above fixes may not apply to our installation of IPS.

Deprecation Notices
Due to various core elements of IPS4 being deprecated towards the application's end-of-life, the following have been disabled in this update:
* Commerce Support Desk (Support Ticket system)
* Physical Products (merch is handled by an external company)
* Status Updates (previously disabled due to misuse, but now are completely removed)
* Mod Tool Plugins (PM on Saved Action and PM Auto-Reply). Plugins are being removed entirely in IPS5.

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