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How to know char_id after add it to item?


I try to add char_id to item by

getitem2 1201,1,1,0,0,254,0,getcharid(0)&0xffff,(getcharid(0)>>16)&0xffff;

after try to getequipcradid get back like this

Card 0 = 254
Card 1 = 0
Card 2 = 18935
Card 3 = 2

My char_id is 150007. Have any ways to convert id from card 2 to char_id by script?


Thank you and sorry about my english.

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If you want to compare owner you can try something like this.


if(.@card2 == (getcharid(0)&0xffff))
dispbottom "You're creator of this item";
dispbottom "You're not creator of this item";

But if you want to convert it back please wait for other people.




There are another option.

1.) Create array that contain database for char_id

ex. Some people name their item. -> Call add to array func -> Loop array -> Not found -> Add converted char_id to array 1 add char_name to array 2

then you will have

array1[0] = 18935

array2[0] = "Jhon"


Or play around with getd command instead of array.

Set set getd("c"+card2),"Jhon";

Get mes "Owner " + getd("c"+card2);

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