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rAthena item_db to itemInfo

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A simple converter that will convert item from database to be use in client in 30 seconds.


>> Website <<

>> Download <<

>> Source Code (Unity C#) <<

>> English Tutorial <<

>> Thai Tutorial <<




  • Item description sync from database so it's get rid the problem that item description was not match with database.
  • Full combo explanation.
  • Full information explanation.


  • Not had lore descriptions.
  • Complex item script was take a bit time to read through.

How to use:

  1. Paste your database files on '\rAthena item_db to itemInfo_Data\Assets', (File name can't be change)
  2. Open program and select languages then hit convert.
  3. Output files location is the same with program location.

Example output(No real-time update, just an example)


  • ANSI Encoding may not had perfect resource name.


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Posted (edited)

Version 4.9 Patch Notes

  • Support timer abbreviation

Version 4.8 Patch Notes

  • Support sc_start with zero duration
  • Support pet capture rate
  • Remove tis-620 from encoding selection

Version 4.7 Patch Notes

  • Item script copier will copy combo too

Version 4.6 Patch Notes

  • Fix bonus3 bAddMonsterIdDropItem didn't convert monster name correctly
  • Fix bonus4 bAddEffWhenHit didn't convert correctly
  • Fix item_combo didn't remove comments when fetching

Version 4.5 Patch Notes

  • Item will print out in order by ID
  • Add a item (script/equip script/unequip script) copier
  • Fix item_combo didn't remove comments when fetching

Version 4.4 Patch Notes

  • Single job or class will print at same line (For setting use new line instead of ,)

Version 4.3 Patch Notes

  • Fix autobonus duration didn't convert correctly
  • Settings button are functional now

Version 4.2 Patch Notes

  • Fix use sp rate not convert on some item (typo)
  • Better autobonus & bonus_script converting
  • Fix autobonus & bonus_script rate and duration will now print out
  • Fix skill name didn't get convert on some item

Version 4.1 Patch Notes

  • Costume equipment will print costume = true instead of costume = false

Version 4.0 Patch Notes

  • Use UTF8 as default encoding

Version 3.9 Patch Notes

  • Use - instead of _ for line seperation for ANSI convert

Version 3.8 Patch Notes

  • Added tis-620 encoding selection
  • Remove setting to replace new item bonus by new line on version 3.6 (Not good enough)

Version 3.7 Patch Notes

  • Change :: to - for ANSI convert

Version 3.6 Patch Notes

  • Add setting to replace new item bonus by new line

Version 3.5 Patch Notes

  • Fix fetching class number from custom item database error

Version 3.4 Patch Notes

  • Fix ANSI error cannot convert

Version 3.3 Patch Notes

  • Added ANSI encoding selection
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