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GTB imune dispell and negative status...


Hello everybody.
my GTB card configuration is =
{ bonus bNoMagicDamage,40; bonus bUseSPrate,100; },{},{}
I would like to know how to configure if it is in the items.conf part so that GTB becomes immune to Lex Aeterna and Decrease AGI.

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If you want status resistance of GTB still work as normal, then there's a battle config for it:



// Required level of bNoMagicDamage before Status Changes are blocked (Golden Thief Bug card).
// For example, if left at 50. An item can give bNoMagicDamage,40;
// which reduces magic damage by 40%, but does not blocks status changes.
gtb_sc_immunity: 50

Be careful because it will also affect other cards that grant bNoMagicDamage of similar or higher power.

If you only want Lex Aeteran and Decrease Agi to be blocked but nothing else then you'll need to edit the source code: status.cpp -> status_get_sc_def

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