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[Browedit] Remove custom object shadow


Hi Rathena!
I would like to remove some objects from the map with the prontera natal theme, but the shade of the curtains remains on the floor.
Is there any way to remove the ground shadow from these specific objects?

I didn't want to have to edit the shadows through the image editor. I heard that there is some option to remove object shadow in 'properties', but I can't find the way.

Can someone help me please.


2-Capturar.png (542×465)

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Hey there ! Try to press enter on the desired model and set opacity to 0 ?




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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the reply Mr. Cydon. But I tried it that way. Unsuccessful.

I think the shadows have already been embedded and saved on the ground, the only way is to edit the lightmap.png 😕

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So I did this:
I removed all the objects I didn't want on the map, then went to 'Edit>Clean Lightmaps' and 'Generate>Calculate Lightmaps' the shadows of the objects disappeared. But all shadows on the map too, shadows from buildings, shadows from walls etc.

I'm not finding the ambient light to be able to generate the shadow of the complete map and generate shadows of the buildings on the ground and objects..

Browedit is totally confusing to me.


I agree. It also appears that editing a map that has already been customized is much more complicated.

I will follow your tips! Thank you very much for your attention Mr Cydon.
Have a great day!

I'll give the topic closed.

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