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Paradise Island

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Paradise Island

Hi guys !

this is my first big project on Browedit.
I started from 0 to arrive at this result. There is a lot to see in it.
Do not hesitate to tell me what you think above.

All the resources are provided as well as the mini map


You will find in the .rar :
--> Models folder
--> Textures folder
--> Rsw file, Gat file, Gnd file, Mini map

Watch the video for a preview of he in-game map:



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Hi !

I see you renamed the map.
Did you indicate your map in the maps_athena and map index files?

have you updated your map cache?

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1 hour ago, Bluff said:

สวัสดี !

คุณระบุแผนที่ของคุณในไฟล์ maps_athena และดัชนีแผนที่หรือไม่


The name was changed by itself after I added the file in map_cache.


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7 minutes ago, Bluff said:

ตกลง คุณเปลี่ยนไฟล์แผนที่ _athena และไฟล์ดัชนีแผนที่หรือไม่

I fixed it But its name is cut off when adding MapCache.

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I tweaked the gat edit a bit and renamed the map to make the name shorter.
try all that and also add the mini map.

I sent you by message a new .rar file.

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