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Making Global Drop not Affected to MVP Slave's.


Hello rAthena.

I want to ask something about global drop system. Currently im using the fuction OnNPCKillEvent. It makes player get some item with fixed percentage that i set. 

But, the downside are many player currently abusing that from MVP Slave summon like Dracula mobs that spawn Familiar as a Slave.

Is it possible to make the global drop system unaffected to MVP Slave? so if player kill MVP slave will not get any item from global drop. Also, i dont want these global drop only from MVP kill.


This is current script of global drops im using :

-	script	Global_ShadowBox#0	-1,{

setarray .items,9900001;
    set .theitem, getarraysize(.items);
    set .dasitem, @items[@theitem];
    if (rand(1,1000) <= 15) {
        getitem .items[rand(.theitem-1)],1;




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