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Utility: ChangeSuit Function

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ChangeSuit Function

ChangeSuit Function

Function to change player's sprite appearance to 3rd Job & Alternative 3rd Job.
Only working for Rebirth Jobs and Expanded Classes (if you want to use it for normal classes edit it by yourself).


callfunc("F_ChangeSuit",0) //<-- Enable
callfunc("F_ChangeSuit",1) //<-- Disable

callfunc("F_ChangeSuitAlt",0) //<-- Enable
callfunc("F_ChangeSuitAlt",1) //<-- Disable

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8 minutes ago, hannicaldummy said:

When I use it on transclasses i get 3rd jobs skill tree, also the appearence leaves if i relog

It uses changebase script which change your Job's appearance. This also changes your skill tree.

14 minutes ago, hannicaldummy said:

also the appearence leaves if i relog

Load the function when you login.

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