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Normal Attacks to use SP


How do I get normal attacks to use SP? I want to do this for every enemy and player type I can. Adding "status_zap" in various places hasn't worked for me yet, but perhaps I'm doing it in the wrong places.

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So I didn't find the perfect way to do it, I'm sure, but I found A way to do it. I went into the "battle_damage" function in battle.cpp, and I added:

if (attack_type&BF_NORMAL)
		status_fix_spdamage(src, src, status_get_max_sp(src)/100, 0);

Meaning for both players and mobs (and likely others), it zaps 1% sp per normal attack. Haven't tested it with other mercs, pets, homs, or etc, but it seems to be working so far. It still allows people to keep attacking with 0 sp, but I fixed that by lowering the damage to 5% of what it normally would be, making into an "I'm exhausted, and all I can do is weakly swing my arms about" struggle feature. It works quite nicely.

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