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pre-renewal mechanics and renewal content problem


Hello people!

Today I come here with a new project that I am carrying out, but it has me with some problems that I cannot think of how to solve.

The first problem, and the main one ... is that my idea is to create a normal, pre-renewal server ... with status, cast and all the pre-renewal mechanics.
But keeping all the content, items, equipment, maps, quests, instances, even some classes like expanded super novice, oboro etc ...

The first thing that occurred to me was to put my server in renewal mode and remove the casting, aspd and stats mechanics that it gives you in the quick options of the code.

but once inside the game, my cast does not exist. and my ATK has no 10 STR bonus points.

My question now is ... is it possible to put my game in PRE-RENEWAL mode, and somewhere else to be able to enable all the RENEWAL content?

Another of my problems ... is that throughout the course it occurred to me to limit the 3rd jobs to a maximum level of 99. So I could leave some classes available and not have an imbalance. but when I do, when I make my PC third class, it stays at level 0 and does not allow leveling up.

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You need edit file per file if you want all renewal items on your pre-renewal server. For NPC it is easier , all you have to do is:

Q: i need activate Charleston Crisis but how?

A: Search in your npc folder and go to scripts_athena.conf and add on the line

// ------------------------ Instances ---------------------------
npc: npc/instances/SealedShrine.txt
npc: npc/instances/EndlessTower.txt
npc: npc/instances/OrcsMemory.txt
npc: npc/instances/NydhoggsNest.txt


you need to paste the exact route that you have Charlestone crisis wich should be:

npc: npc/re/instances/CharlestonCrisis.txt


Don't forget that you have to do same for all content.

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