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[WIP] Details! Concept (Party Dps Meter)

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Sup guys, long time no see ^^.

I've been working on a DPS meter, inspired by Details! Addon from World of Warcraft.

So how it works:
- The party leader have the hability to start, reset, and stop an dps session of the party.
- Members choose to see or not the meter once activated by the leader.
- The meter shows only online members. But if no online members the session will close.
- It uses a timer to upate, but that timer does not re-send info if there's no damage to update. (buffering the damage so it does not overload members and server with packet send)
- Planning on sending a ' Session Stats' at the end of a Session where the player could save the wisper as txt.

I'm still not sure if the amount of workload this would infere on the server. But i'm developing it with that in mind.

I'm creating this Topic as a way of discusing ideas on the subject.

Video Example:


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