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Project Painel Ragnarok

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First of all, I apologize for the horrible English.

The panel's official language is in PT-BR, if someone wants to translate they can send me PM or wait until I do a translation.

Hello guys, I present to you a panel that I developed in open source totally free for the community, developed in Laravel 8.

💻 Project Link: https://github.com/rscodexx/ragpainel

🎬 Demo: https://rscode.com.br/ragpainel/

⚙️ Functions

[✔️] General

 [✔️] View users online.
✔️] View accounts total.
✔️] View chars total.
✔️] View guilds total
✔️] Top 3 players (PVP, WOE and MVP).

[✔️] User
✔️] Register Account
✔️] Login Account
✔️] Change account (photo, password, email and birthdate).
 [✔️] View last ip
✔️] View days vip
✔️] View cashpoints
❌] Forgot password
❌] Forgot login

[✔️] Admin
✔️] View Logs
✔️] Manager Credits
✔️] Manager Vip
✔️] Manager Staff
✔️] Manager Bans
✔️] Manager Tickets
✔️] Configs Panel

[✔️] Rankings
✔️] WOE
✔️] MVPs
✔️] Zenys
✔️] PVP
✔️] Events
✔️] Database
✔️] View Itens
✔️] View Monsters

[✔️] Support
✔️]  NewTicket
✔️] ViewTickets

[❌] Donate
❌] To do Donate
❌] Consult Donates


🎨 Layout

    📱 Mobile

             01.jpg         02.jpg       03.jpg


    💻 Desktop





🔨 Technologies

The following tools were used in the construction of the project:

PHP Laravel JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap


⚠️ Minimum Requirements

      ✔️ PHP in version 7.3 or higher
      ✔️ BCMath PHP Active Extension
      ✔️ CtypePHP Active Extension
      ✔️ Fileinfo PHP Active Extension
      ✔️ JSONPHP Active Extension
      ✔️ Mbstring PHP Active Extension
      ✔️ OpenSSL PHP Active Extension
      ✔️ PDO PHP Active Extension
      ✔️ TokenizerPHP Active Extension

     ✔️ XMLPHP Active Extension

🔵 Install on Windows.


Before you begin, you will need to have the following tools installed on your machine: GITApacheMysql (Or any other type of database), Composer

If you do not know how to install and configure a server environment, you can use tools that are all ready as: Xampp Wamp

In addition, it is good to have an editor to work with the code as VSCode

🎲 Running the Backend (server)

# Clone project
$ git clone https://github.com/rscodexx/ragpainel.git

# Or download the project directly from the repository: https://github.com/rscodexx/ragpainel

# Rename the file .env-example(is in the root folder of the project) to .env and config:

DB_PORT=3306 # DB Port
DB_DATABASE=ragpainel DB Name
DB_USERNAME=ragnarok DB User Name
DB_PASSWORD=ragnarok DB User Password
TIMEZONE=America/Sao_Paulo # Time Zone
LOCALE=pt-BR # Language(only the one supported for now).
FALLBACK_LOCALE=pt-BR # Language for erros(only the one supported for now)

# Access the project folder on your terminal
$ cd ragpainel

# After entering the project directory, install the composer and its dependencies.
$ composer install

# Wait for the installation

# Install the panel tables, still with terminal open in the project directory use:
$ php artisan migrate

# There, your server is installed and configured.

🧭 Running the web application (Frontend)

# Start your server, to access the panel you need to access the public folder, an example below:

$ http://localhost/ragpainel/public

# You can also run the application without the need for an apache server configured through php artisan.

# Access the project folder in your terminal
$ cd ragpainel

# Type the command:
$ php artisan serve

# Just click on the generated link to start the panel.

# Use the command CTRL + C to shut down the server.

💪 How to contribute to the project?

        Post all the bugs and errors found here: https://github.com/rscodexx/ragpainel/issues

          If you want, you can make a DONATION

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