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Killing MOB A, everyone in the map gets item


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Hi guys,

Sorry to bother again, but I've some idea that I would like to share if someone knows how to create this script.

How do we create a script like this?
If MOB A was killed by any player in Prontera, everyone in the map will be rewarded these item direct into their inventory.

-20% chance they will get 1 apple
-15% chance they will get 2 jellopy
-10% chance they will get 3 oridecon

Basically, my idea is something like when we spawn a mob in a map and if it's was killed everyone will get few item from the mob with some percentage on each item.

Thanks ^_^

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-	script	sample	-1,{
		.map$ = "prontera";
		monster .map$,0,0,"--ja--",1002,1, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnKill";
		addrid(5, 0, .map$);
		[email protected] = rand(100);
		if ([email protected] < 20) { // 20%
			getitem 512, 1;
		else if ([email protected] < 35) { // 15%
			getitem 909, 2;
		else if ([email protected] < 45) { // 10%
			getitem 985, 3;


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