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Ragnarok Item verify

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Hello Guys, Im working in a Ragnarok server project, and I have a lot of problems with ACT/SPR/BMP itens.
So I decided to create a Python script that compares items yml file and items lua file, and generate a .csv file showing what is missing, this way you can decided if you want to configure what is missing or delete from your server. I hope this help anybody.

This script generate 3 .csv files:

items that server has and client not
items that client has and server not
items that both has (this file tels you if some item have bmp/spr/act problem.)

This is working progress, have some bugs and feature that I want to push.



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You should try making a version that deletes not matching files or "not needed" ones 


Good one tho


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On 4/1/2021 at 4:14 AM, malignuz said:

Could you give me a example, that I can understand which files should be deleted?

That way I can figure out how to make this script.


Ahh sorry I wasnt home for a long time, so uhm.. what I want it to do is delete everything that is not listed on accnum.lua, like actual garbage sprites or not used ones. 

Like a cleaner

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