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Greetings! An introduction and a question.


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Greetings! I am a disgruntled Ragnarok player that is extremely disatisfied with recent (and future) changes to this game I used to love so much. So I decided that I want to make my own server.  With blackjack and h*****s.

I had a question to ask, but since I didn't  quite figure out which would be the best place to put it, I thought I might introduce myself and ask the question in one go.

The thing is Ragnarok was special to me as a kid, not because it's mechanics, since it was grindy as hell really, but because of the way the world works. It was quite surprisingly immersive. The class system is still my favorite of any other game, starting as a generic nobody and progressively working towards evolving your character. I liked the job change quests that felt like meaningful milestones in the story of your character and how they are different for each class. My favorite classes were the priest, the bard, the taekowndo, the gunslinger but most of all the alchemist. The alchemist became the class I think of when I think about RO. Back then it really felt cumbersome and somewhat masochistic since unlike other classes, I needed to grind materials to even use his skills, but the theme was amazing, and when I discovered the homunculus system it absolutely sealed the deal. As you can see I value flavor and roleplay very highly for my enjoyment of games, and would be no surprise then that, while I loved Diablo 1 and 2, I hate Diablo 3 and it's sterile formulaic design with burning passion. But hey, we can grind endless uninspired rifts, that's good I guess.

Anyways I digress. Recently after so many years, I had a nostalgic outburst and decided to take a look back at Ragnarok and saw that it's been so long since I played that I didn't know Homunculus S was a thing, also that the gunslinger had an actual second job now! Those were great news and decided that I had to revisit the game. Only to find that the homunculus of my new alchemist is completely borked and will be worse later.

Now to my question. Is is  possible to set up a server that updates up to a specific point in time and no further than that? I have no intention of publishing a server but I want to keep a time capsule of what I believe is Ragnarok's ideal state.

EDIT: Title typo.

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