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Preview item on NPC




//===== rAthena Script =======================================
//= Euphy's Quest Shop
//===== By: ==================================================
//= Euphy
//===== Current Version: =====================================
//= 1.4b
//===== Compatible With: =====================================
//= rAthena SVN r15340+
//===== Description: =========================================
//= A dynamic quest shop based on Lunar's, with easier config.
//= Includes support for multiple shops & cashpoints.
//= Item Preview script by ToastOfDoom.
prontera,150,150,6    script    God Item    4_M_OLDFRIAR,{
function Add; function Chk; function Slot; function A_An;
    mes "[^FF0000 Wza ^000000]";
    mes "This God Item NPC may purchase using ^008000TCG Card^000000!";
    if (.menu$ == "") set [email protected], select(.menu$);
    else set [email protected],1;
    dispbottom "Select one item at a time.";
    callshop "Wza"[email protected],1;
    npcshopattach "Wza"[email protected];
function Add {
    if (getitemname(getarg(1)) == "null") {
        mes " ";
        //debugmes "Quest reward #"+getarg(1)+" invalid (skipped).";
    for(set [email protected],5; [email protected]<127; set [email protected],[email protected]+2) {
        if (!getarg([email protected],0)) break;
        if (getitemname(getarg([email protected])) == "null") {
            mes " ";
            //debugmes "Quest requirement #"+getarg([email protected])+" invalid (skipped).";
    for(set [email protected],2; [email protected]<[email protected]; set [email protected],[email protected]+1)
        set getd(".q_"+getarg(1)+"["+([email protected])+"]"), getarg([email protected]);
    npcshopadditem "Wza"+getarg(0),getarg(1),((.ShowZeny)?getarg(3):0);
function Chk {
    if (getarg(0) < getarg(1)) {
        set @qe0,1;
        return "^FF0000";
    else return "^00FF00";
function Slot {
    set [email protected]$,getitemname(getarg(0));
    switch(.ShowSlot) {
        case 1: if (!getitemslots(getarg(0))) return [email protected]$;
        case 2: if (getiteminfo(getarg(0),2) == 4 || getiteminfo(getarg(0),2) == 5) return [email protected]$+" ["+getitemslots(getarg(0))+"]";
        default: return [email protected]$;
function A_An {
    setarray [email protected]$[0],"a","e","i","o","u";
    set [email protected]$, "_"+getarg(0);
    for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<5; set [email protected],[email protected]+1)
        if (compare([email protected]$,"_"[email protected]$[[email protected]])) return "an "+getarg(0);
    return "a "+getarg(0);

    set [email protected][0],@bought_nameid;
    copyarray [email protected][1],getd(".q_"[email protected]_nameid+"[0]"),getarraysize(getd(".q_"[email protected]_nameid+"[0]"));
    if ([email protected][1]) {
        message strcharinfo(0),"An error has occurred.";
    mes "[^FF0000 Wza ^000000]";
    mes "Reward: ^0055FF"+(([email protected][1]>1)[email protected][1]+"x ":"")+Slot([email protected][0])+"^000000";
    mes "Requirements:";
    if ([email protected][2]) mes " > "+Chk(Zeny,[email protected][2])[email protected][2]+" Zeny^000000";
    if ([email protected][3]) mes " > "+Chk(getd(.Points$[0]),[email protected][3])[email protected][3]+" "+.Points$[1]+" ("+getd(.Points$[0])+"/"[email protected][3]+")^000000";
    if ([email protected][4]) for(set [email protected],4; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]+2)
        mes " > "+Chk(countitem([email protected][[email protected]]),[email protected][[email protected]+1])+((.DisplayID)?"{"[email protected][[email protected]]+"} ":"")+Slot([email protected][[email protected]])+" ("+countitem([email protected][[email protected]])+"/"[email protected][[email protected]+1]+")^000000";
    set @qe1, getiteminfo([email protected][0],5);
    set @qe2, getiteminfo([email protected][0],11);
    addtimer 1000, strnpcinfo(1)+"::OnEnd";
    while(1) {
        switch(select(" ~ Purchase ^0055FF"+getitemname([email protected][0])+"^000000:"+((((@qe1&1) || (@qe1&256) || (@qe1&512)) && @qe2 > 0 && [email protected])?" ~ Preview...":"")+": ~ ^777777Cancel^000000")) {
        case 1:
            if (@qe0) { 
                mes "[^FF0000 Tatalino ^000000]";
                mes "You're missing one or more quest requirements.";
            if (!checkweight([email protected][0],[email protected][1])) {
                mes "[^FF0000 Tatalino ^000000]";
                mes "^FF0000You need "+((([email protected][1]*getiteminfo([email protected][0],6))+Weight-MaxWeight)/10)+" additional weight capacity to complete this trade.^000000";
            if ([email protected][2]) set Zeny, [email protected][2];
            if ([email protected][3]) setd .Points$[0], getd(.Points$[0])[email protected][3];
            if ([email protected][4]) for(set [email protected],4; [email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]); set [email protected],[email protected]+2)
                delitem [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]+1];
            getitem [email protected][0],[email protected][1];
            if (.Announce) announce strcharinfo(0)+" has created "+A_An(getitemname([email protected][0]))+"!",0;

        case 2:
            set @qe3, getlook(3);
            set @qe4, getlook(4);
            set @qe5, getlook(5);
            set @qe6,1;
            if (@qe1&1) atcommand "@changelook 3 "[email protected];
            if (@qe1&256) atcommand "@changelook 1 "[email protected];
            if (@qe1&512) atcommand "@changelook 2 "[email protected];
        case 3:
    if (@qe6) {
        atcommand "@changelook 3 "[email protected];
        atcommand "@changelook 1 "[email protected];
        atcommand "@changelook 2 "[email protected];
    for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<7; set [email protected],[email protected]+1)
        setd "@qe"[email protected],0;
waitingroom "as",0;
// --------------------- Config ---------------------
// Custom points, if needed: "<variable>","<name to display>"
    setarray .Points$[0],"#CASHPOINTS","Cash Points";

    set .Announce,1;    // Announce quest completion? (1: yes / 0: no)
    set .ShowSlot,1;    // Show item slots? (2: all equipment / 1: if slots > 0 / 0: never)
    set .DisplayID,0;    // Show item IDs? (1: yes / 0: no)
    set .ShowZeny,1;    // Show Zeny cost, if any? (1: yes / 0: no)

// Shop categories, if needed: "<Shop 1>","<Shop 2>"{,...};
// Duplicate dummy data for any additional shops (bottom of script).
// If no categories, use the second line instead (remove //).

    setarray .Shops$[1],"God Item","","";
    // set .Shops$,"n/a";

// Add(<shop number>,<reward ID>,<reward amount>,<Zeny cost>,<point cost>,
//     <required item ID>,<required item amount>{,...});
// Shop number corresponds with order above (default is 1).
// Note: Do NOT use a reward item more than once!


// --------------------------------------------------
    set .menu$,"";
    for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<=getarraysize(.Shops$); set [email protected],[email protected]+1) {
        set .menu$, .menu$+.Shops$[[email protected]]+":";
        npcshopdelitem "Wza"[email protected],909;

// -------- Dummy data (duplicate as needed) --------
-    shop    Wza1    -1,909:-1
-    shop    Wza2    -1,909:-1
-    shop    Wza3    -1,909:-1


this is the script without preview on items..
please help me.

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Are you sure?


 switch(select(" ~ Purchase ^0055FF"+getitemname([email protected][0])+"^000000:"+((((@qe1&1) || (@qe1&256) || (@qe1&512)) && @qe2 > 0 && [email protected])?" ~ Preview...":"")+": ~ ^777777Cancel^000000")) {


case 2:
            set @qe3, getlook(3);
            set @qe4, getlook(4);
            set @qe5, getlook(5);
            set @qe6,1;
            if (@qe1&1) atcommand "@changelook 3 "[email protected]; <-------
            if (@qe1&256) atcommand "@changelook 1 "[email protected];<-------
            if (@qe1&512) atcommand "@changelook 2 "[email protected];<-------

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